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I used this book to design a wonderful scarf and have plans for utilizing many more of the patterns in this book. Fair isle fral is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. See more ideas about fair isle knitting patterns, fair isle knitting and knitting patterns. This collection of divine fair isle knitting patterns bring together a host of projects, from hats and sweaters to mittens and kidswear. A legacy of shetland lace by the shetland guild of spinners, knitters, weavers and dyers. This wonderful book covers the history of fair isle and includes many wonderful patterns to incorporate into your projects.

I love how there are two matching items for each pattern. This book is meant to guide a knitter in developing patterns for sweaters including colorwork motifs. To practice onehanded fair isle knitting, choose two colors of yarn. This book is hands down awesome the best of the fair isle books i own. This technique is also referred to as true fair isle, from the island located between scotland and norway where the intricate fair isle style of knitting with multiple colors originated. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of alice starmores book of fair isle knitting. This richly illustrated guide offers both beginning and advanced knitters a complete workshop in the fair isle style. Fair isle knitting patterns book by mary macgregor bakka.

Opening the covers of fair isle crochet projects by melissa leapman you will find a short tutorial section teaching the basics of fair isle crochet. Buy alice starmores book of fair isle knitting dover knitting, crochet, tatting, lace green ed. Books focusing on colourwork patterns and techniques, including fairisle, stranded and intarsia knitting. What is accomplished in one row of knitting requires a forward and return pass in tunisian crochet. Fair isle knitting patterns for knitters looking to advance their skills and stitch awesome iconic colour work, look no further than this beautiful collection of fair isle knitting patterns. Not a lot of color photos, but full of information and the history of british fair isle knitting. Books jamieson and smith, real shetland wool, fair isle knitting, shetland wool, knitting patterns, yarn. By the 1980s, when alice starmores landmark book of fair isle knitting affiliate link was published taunton, 1988, shetland wool was available in hundreds of colors. To work the fair isle colourwork pattern, all you do is knit a few stitches in one colour, then switch to another colour, and knit a few stitches in that.

Scandinavian snow set knitting book fair isle patterns slippers boots mittens hats gloves stockings childrens men women 6200 pdf adorishvintage. A shetlanders fair isle graph book by the shetland guild of spinners, knitters, weavers and dyers. This fair isle border pattern uses five colors, so experiment a bit with your graph paper and colored pencils to get the fair isle border look that youre after. There are some really nice color patterns, and a discussion on techniques. In fair isle knitting, only 2 colors are used per round and yarn is carried for a limited number of stitches across the back of the work. Fair isle is a very specific type of stranded knitting from fair isle, a tiny island in the north of scotland and part of the shetland islands. If you are confused about how to read a knitting chart, we have a full tutorial here. The wardrobe of patterns is rather limited, but ample enough after her logical. Alice starmore is famous for her expertise in the regional tradition of fair isle knitting. Super, wellresearched reference book and guide that enables you to create individual, original clothes using traditional fair isle patterns and colour schemes. If you love fair isle knitting like i do, this is a musthave book for your knitting library. Originating in the shetland islands the fair isle knitting technique sees bold and beautiful colors knit into distinct motifs to produce beautiful and eye catching knitwear thats recognized the world over. Books jamieson and smith, real shetland wool, fair isle.

More easy fairisle knitting pattern book by martin storey. It not only explores the arts history, patterns, and traditional techniques but also encourages knitters to develop their own creativity. Because stranded knitting is easier when working in the round, this pattern uses a technique. Alice starmores book of fair isle knitting patterns ravelry. Fair isle knitting gained considerable popularity when the prince of wales later edward viii wore fair isle jumpers in public in 1921. This volume is profusely illustrated with color photographs, plus drawings and charts that illustrate the arts history, patterns, and techniques. Knit yourself a fair isle scarf with this free pattern from yarn plaza. Its exciting to turn your imagination into reality and also satisfying to contribute a unique design to an historical tradition. There are thousands of fair isle designs in the world, but often none of them are exactly what you would make if left to your own devices.

With this system, the knitter can carry both colors over the left. This book starts out with the history of fair isle knitting and includes a great number of pictures, as one would expect. This is a great pattern if youre looking to practice some fair isle. I have not as yet knitted anything from that book, but i love to look reread it and look at the illustrations. With the mc, cast on 21 stitches and use the charted design in. Alice starmores book of fair isle knitting by alice starmore. Fair isle style is a book of projects to knit as well as a book about knitting the fair isle technique. However, i learn better by watching or listening to somebody, so this book isnt quite as useful for me, as somebody who would like to learn.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The complete book of traditional fair isle knitting. The fine art of fair isle knitting hello, im hazel tindall, from shetland, and i am delighted to welcome you to my website where i present a selection of my unique shetland and fair isle knitting patterns, available for immediate download i was privileged to grow up in shetland where i was surrounded by knitters who needed to knit quickly and to a high standard in order to gain an income. The charts show just how many stitches to do in each colour. Fair isle is a beautiful knitting technique thats used to create some gorgeous garments, but it can be a little daunting for novice knitters. Traditional fair isle patterns have a limited palette of five or so colours, use only two. Discover the colorful world of fair isle knitting, intarsia, and colorwork with instructional books to guide you as well as pattern collections for sweaters. Each motif is designed to inspire, the style of the charts is easy to ready. Fair isle knitting patterns by mary ann stephens as downloadable pdfs.

Why fair isle sweaters have a threeyear waiting list. Knittingscottish and fair islepatterns, knitting, books barnes. The first chapter is on fair isle basics such as steeks, wet blocking, weaving in the ends, changing to double pointed needles, charts, etc. Tunisian crochet will always be much thicker, and of course, heavier. This beautiful style of colorwork is revered for its. There is a giveaway for this book at the end of this post, so be sure to stick around. This 1998, 2009 edition, of alice starmores book of fair isle knitting has a soft cover. Kazekobo fair isle knitting japanese craft book for sale. It contains thirty patterns of sweaters, socks, and mittens.

Fair isle crochet caitlyn avendano saint johnsville said. Fair isle knitting patterns by mary macgregor explore over 60 different stencil pages of robert willliamsons fair isle patterns from the 1920s in this excellent source book, useful for beginners and experienced knitters alike. Only two colors are used per row, and the unused color is worked over, thus weaving it into the fabric. Knitting charts, combination designs, and colour variations by mary mucklestone isbn. Approximately 25g of background colours and 16g of contrast colours. Once you see it this way, its pretty easy to catch on to the fact that pretty much any imagery can be translated into a fair isle pattern. Hazel tindall authentic fair isle knitting patterns. It is named after fair isle, one of the shetland islands. Fair isle print patterns are pretty easy to work with and pick up on. The layout of the book means that, whether are looking for a combination of motifs or just one to use as a focal point of a garment, you will find numerous possibilities. Alice starmores book of fair isle knitting dover knitting, crochet, tatting, lace show more. Clearly, knitting is a deeply ingrained facet of the culture of scotlands outer hebrides.

Even though five colors are used in this fair isle border, remember that youre using only two colors in. Books jamieson and smith, real shetland wool, fair isle knitting. I created this design to circle around my tulip socks, but fair isle can show up on yokes, cuffs, hats, mittens, anywhere. Add a traditional touch to your projects with any of these fair isle knitting patterns. Fair isle crochet guide resources for your handmade home. Be the first to ask a question about alice starmores book of fair isle knitting. The style was a sophisticated, painterly blending of pattern and background colors. Alice starmores book of fair isle knitting virtual yarns. There are also lots of patterns, both complete sweater patterns and pattern of traditional motifs for the readerknitter to use to create their own pattern. All you need are a few simple projects to get your feet wet, and then the world of fair isle knitting is your proverbial oyster. This collection of 17 fair isle knitting patterns is a great place to start if youre uneasy about giving stranded colorwork a try, or if youre a seasoned pro who just wants some ideas for. An exclusive dover interview alice starmore has a fascinating tale to tell.

As imitations of fair isle patterns show up on catwalks around the world, the islands master knitters are taking different approaches to keeping the tradition alive. It allows you to have a finished set in the pattern that you like the best. When you work fair isle with one hand, you knit and purl as you normally do, dropping and picking up the different yarns as you need them. Fair isle knitting patterns lovecrafts, loveknittings. Scotlands fair isle is celebrated the world over for its distinctive, strandedcolor knitting, and alice starmore is famous for her expertise in designing and instructing knitters in this appealing regional tradition. Starmore doesnt just provide 14 terrific fair isle patterns, she overs the history of fair isle, the development of stitch patterns, provides an extensive compilation of patterns, and a lengthy chapter on designing your own cap, tam, and gansey. Outstanding knitting book the essential book on fair isle knitting.

For a list of great knitting patterns in our favorite stitch, check out stockinette stitch knitting. Recently published first most favorited first most projects first sort alphabetically. Alice starmoress books and patterns are magical, especially. The alice starmore book of fair isle knitting is great and full of information and great charts, but if you can buy only one book of fair isle charts, buy this one. A design notebook rounds out the book, giving readers further ideas for using fair isle knitting. This crochet book is not just a set of crochet patterns. The basis for fair isle knitting is stockinette stitch, so youll want to come prepared. With rich and detailoriented knitting projects including hats, socks, mittens, jumpers and cardigans which all use this classic colorswitching knitting. Paperback published in august 2009 by dover publications. This book offers a collection of patterns from a variety of established, rising, and new knitwear designers and focuses on fresh, modern uses of color for todays knitters.

Fair isle style offers a collection of patterns from a variety of established, rising, and new knitwear designers and focuses on fresh, modern uses of color for todays knitters. I like to think of each stitch as a pixel in the picture. Strandedcolour knitting is all about pattern and colour and in the chapters on. Ive admired fair isle to the extent of having bought alice starmores fair isle knitting as one of the first knitting books i bought in the late 1980s.

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