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One of the highlights of the show involved slim goodbody rapping about the bodys bones. The 80s truly were the wild west for what passed as appropriate kid content. Burstein, a drama graduate of hofstra university, said he first became mr. Photographs providing interior views of slim goodbodys body are combined with verses relating. In 1975, john burstein created the slim goodbody character to help him teach healthy living at the floating hospital in new york. Slim goodbody is the 70s superhero you totally forgot about. This week its all about channeling your inner slim goodbody with the muscle skin suit by, er muscle skin suit.

Slim goodbody has tweaked his appearance and his routine to keep in tune with the times. Homestarloween party costumes homestar runner wiki. Booker shows read a mirror that was just installed at the newsstand so that people coming by can see a. Petition fx for adsupported streaming by sending them an email. Youtube has hundred of videos starring slim goodbody and videos about slim. The inside story of your heart and blood run time 14. Even now some of the 4th and 5th graders are remembering some of the ideas the learned ll those years ago while studying the muscular and circulatory system. Slim goodbody in the summer of 1973, while working as a childrens. The gig led to a pbs series that premiered in 1980 called the inside story with slim goodbody, where slim. Why isnt anyone trying to reboot these science shows from. Where can you watch videos of slim goodbody answers.

Video descriptions grade 5 always changing always growing this twopart video discusses growing up, puberty and the maturing process, and the maturation and function of the female and male reproductive systems. A friend sent me this picture of a child watching my covid19 video. Creepy toysweird toysweird vintagevintage toysvintage stuffbaby laugh a lotmusic downloadsuccessful peopletv commercials. I had several great science teachers growing up, but ill never forget my first. Childrens program aired on more pbs affiliates, 2nd only to seseme. Inside story became pbss secondhighest rated program. The musical production teaches children about the human body and what it takes to keep it. The entire point of slim goodbody his real name was and still is john burstein was to promote healthy eating. His costume consists of a fleshcolored bodysuit with pictures of the human bodys bones and internal organs painted on it. Slim goodbody was a character that appeared on the kids tv show captain kangaroo from 1976 to 1980. Slim goodbody themed halloween costumes, cute costumes. In the bits, he sang about how body parts work and challenged kids to take care of their health. Maybe hes not a household name now, but when i was a kid, slim was an icon of childrens.

This song and dance routine is really a class in anatomy. Songs from the adventures of slim goodbody in nutricity. Bodylogy teaches children how the body works using songs, skits, 3. Is this who tvs michael gray was dressed as in drastic. At that time, burstein was working at the floating hospital in new york city. Additionally, he selected a few students to come on stage to show off their marvelous muscles by performing tricks such as the splits. Slim is a human adult who wears a fleshcolored body suit with various tissues, organs and organ systems painted on it. Sample episode from a 360part educational series done in conjunction with slim goodbody productions. Slim goodbody examines the cooperation among body systems and illustrates the neverending miracle of growth and change. Slim goodbody burstein designed slim as a way to teach young children about anatomy and good health, and describes his alter ego as the superhero of health.

The most weird vintage toy commercials youtube with images. Educating children about their bodies and how to care for them. If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you saw slim goodbody on pbs or in a video at school. Every part of this mans body is exposed, except that he has no genitals. Slim goodbody is a fictional character created and performed by john burstein. Download this free vector about human anatomy designs, and discover more than 7 million professional graphic resources on freepik. The suit comes in long sleeves and tights or in a short skin suit. Google explores the human body with html5 mashable. He performs wearing a sometimes white, sometimes flesh colored unitard with various tissues, organs and organ systems painted in biologicallyaccurate locations and sizes. Unitard universe is the place to celebrate all things uni a pop culture website focusing on pictures of famous celebrities, musicians, fashion, actors, scifi, superheroes and you in a unitard, jumpsuit, or onesite all in one place. Slim goodbody was at hes on friday, november 5 performing his musical health show.

Goodbody told his audience about the five food groups, body cells, and parts of the human body like the diaphragm. A few weeks ago i posted about the peewee hermaninspired cycling skinsuit. Slim goodbody is a tradition at brcvpa with long lasting effects. John burstein is best known for playing the seethrough, superhero of health, slim goodbody opposite bob keeshan as captain kangaroo on. If youre an 80s kid, you remember slim goodbody as the superhero of health who always had the answers to your. The dancing, singing, and audience particpation promoted selfrespect and motivation for living healthy.

Growth and development and good hygiene are discussed by an. Hes been at it for years teaching students about the human body. The inside story with slim goodbody the breath of life the inside story of respiration. Slim goodbody healthy is wealthy 1980, vinyl discogs. Mr slim goodbody unitard universe unitard universe. However, when it comes to health education, knowledge without action is almost useless. Lincolnville hes still rocking the skintight, bonesandorgans bodysuit. Heres a quick overview of the educational programs ive created on cbs,pbs, nickelodeon and discovery. Doug had fun filming for a free dental education video created by mr. The digestion song with slim goodbody i am so sorry empty your bowels in just 2 minutes clean your colon improve your digestion. Slim goodbody the superhero of health, also known as mr. Listen to music from slim goodbody like slim goodbody anthem hail nutrition. During this assembly, the bodyology show explored the inner workings of the body along with how to keep it healthy through exercise and diet. Frankly, i dont see where else this act will go, and i.

During his time on the show, he encouraged children to make the right choices for their bodies by sharing important health facts, sometimes in the form of song and dance. Since 1975, slim goodbody has educated children through tv, live shows and school curriculum that promote healthy eating, exercise and health. Cognos, gurgle, huff and puff, ticker, squirt, and flex and strut each represent a system, and a quick overview of. The inside story with slim goodbody the breath of life. On tv, stage and in books, slim inspires children to learn about and care. Or a virtualized version of slim goodbody, if you will. Teaches selfesteem and how to deal with peer pressure. Slim goodbody reveals the digestive pathway and explains how food is broken down before our bodies can use it. Slim goodbody the superhero of health is a fictional character created and performed by john burstein. Webgl is a crossplatform lowlevel 3d graphics api that is.

Loop entire youtube videos or put sections of it on repeat and share your creations with your friends. The most weird vintage toy commercials youtube creepy toys, weird. Slim goodbody slim goodbody the superhero of health. A pioneer in the field of health and body education, slim goodbody has been teaching kids about everything from their vertebrae to their ventricles. If you would like to use a spoiler tag you can use this code archer is duchessspoiler. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Slim, also known as john burstein, regularly appeared on the childrens tv show captain kangaroo from 1976 to 1980 in sketches called the adventures of slim goodbody in nutricity. Slim goodbody shows how the respiratory system brings oxygen into the body and gets rid of waste, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Rose and sandra serve on the same jury in a murder trial and there are eleven angry people when mary changes her verdict, which may mean shell miss her own anniversary dinner. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Free pdf rabbits slim goodbody download or read online. It also gives birth to blight, aka slim goodbody on pcp aka derek. Muscle skin suit for cycling or if you want to look like.

Rose and sandra serve on the same jury in a murder trial and there are eleven angry people when mary changes her verdict, which may mean. Slim goodbody shows teaches kids about the amazingly powerful human heart and the system of circulation. Slim goodbody was man who dressed in a skintight suit that displayed the organs of the male anatomy. Endlessvideo search, loop and repeat youtube videos. Slim goodbody and the circulators sing about the diaphragm which is the muscle we use to breathe. Slim goodbody, health hero, has championed childrens well being for over 40 years. Slim goodbody wikipedia slim goodbody the superhero of health also known as mr goodbody is a fictional character created and performed by john burstein burstein created the character in 1975 burstein created the character in 1975.

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